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Making your ordinary turbo diesel extraordinary


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DIESEL TUNE ADELAIDE - Making ordinary diesels extraordinary! Whether you want to us to tune your tow vehicle , your 4x4, your taxi, your truck or even your machinery, we will make sure that you get more power, increased torque, better throttle response and improved fuel economy.

What is a tune?

A tune (OR REMAP) is the process of removing the Original ECU software, and installing our modified (tuned) software. The software changes are are often subtle but give a massive improvement and incredible results!

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What is the difference between a tune and a chip?

Chips 'piggyback' signals from a few (typically one or two) specific sensors in the vehicle, the ECU (computer) then adjusts commands to areas of the vehicle like boost and fuel pressure based on the 'false' information given by the  chip - this can cause problems with other systems in the vehicle, high exhaust gas temperature, over fueling, soot and much more!

A Tune (or remap) is much more comprehensive and actually gives the ECU new commands using the accurate real time information from the vehicles sensors. Because a Tune can affect all of the systems involved in engine performance we don't have to strain one or two components beyond safe levels like a chip can. 

A tune/ remap is a much more comprehensive way of getting a more from your turbo diesel - here are SOME of the components a remap can affect.

  • Timing of start and end of fuel injection

  • Type and duration of fuel injection-pulse

  • Constant Fuel rail pressure

  • Turbo boost

  • Exhaust Gas Re-circulation cycles

  • Valve Timing

  • Electric Coolant pump run times

  • Air Fuel ratios

  • Throttle position

  • Gearbox shift points

  • Torque limits for each gear

  • Anti-pollution hardware

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